Our Factory

Empowered with a tofu-making expertise from our humble start in an Uptown Chicago space in 1990, Sun Xien Soy emerged in 2012 in a renovated 15,000 square foot facility. Relocated south of Downtown, the expanded footprint permits a significant ability to multiply production while proximity to a major arterial highway ensures our refrigerated fleet can better expedite wholesale deliveries throughout the entire Chicago region.

Tofu vats
The factory uses next-generation state-of-the-art equipment that ensures absolute precision and consistency.  FDA’s guidelines on production and food safety are strictly followed. Our obsession in orchestrating these components allow our wholesale clients to receive the absolute freshest soy products usually within 24 hours from its origins as a wholesome Midwest non-GMO soybean.

Bean Sprout Farm

The factory also encapsulates sprout farms exclusively tailored for soy bean sprouts and mung bean sprouts.  Unwavering control of temperature, humidity, airflow and a continuous automated irrigation system supplying fresh Lake Michigan water results in the finest sprouts available. Consistent with our ethos of never taking shortcuts, the sprouts are allowed to mature naturally and never rushed with growth components. This provides a beautiful sprout with healthy, crisp, and plump stems.

Beyond all the restaurants, noodle shops, produce markets and commercial clients currently being served by Sun Xien Soy Products, the factory has far more production capacity on tap to meet any further additional demands in its future.

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