Sun Xien Soy Difference

To understand why Sun Xien Soy Products are fundamentally different from other soy product producers, simply focus on our core driving force: The Mandate.

Sun Xien’s sister entity, Sun Wah BBQ restaurant, has been obsessed from day one with sourcing the best ingredients. Local raised ducks from an Indiana farm, procuring high-quality whole pigs from the midwest, finding seasonal fresh vegetables… but when it came to tofu? Nothing on the market lived up to Sun Wah’s requirements for taste, texture, and freshness.

It wasn’t difficult to reveal why the motivations of this landscape was counterproductive; If a producer’s main goal was to maximize profits, that’s simply a matter of stretching out their given supply of soybeans to make the most tofu. Next, introduce preservatives to inflate its shelf-life. This may be passable for consumers who may prepare a tofu dish infrequently. From Sun Xien’s standpoint, these were chronic characteristics that seemed woefully ubiquitous and unacceptable.

Sun Xien was created for no other reason than to satisfy an unanswered craving for the highest quality tofu. A quality-driven mandate dictates we use the maximum amount of soybeans in every unit of tofu to ensure peak soybean taste. For each pound of non-GMO soybean sourced, our process creates a flavorful 4½ to 5 pounds of Tofu compared to the industry norm of 6 pounds. Sun Xien goes to great lengths to avoid preservatives and instead focus on getting our freshly made soy products into the hands that will be using them.

For sprout production, Sun Xien rejects the practice of pumping growth components to accelerate rushed harvest on the 5th day. Our sprouts are allowed to continue at least onto a 6th day. Sun Xien’s sprout environments have been specifically-designed for soy and mung bean sprouts. Every surface from stainless steel ceiling and walls to the closed-cell tile floors are chosen to endure routine, thorough cleanings to ensure an immaculate and contaminant-free space for our sprouts.

All this care and attention given to creating the finest product hasn’t gone unnoticed to the restaurateurs we supply. When its your livelihood to ensure the best ingredients are incorporated into the masterpiece placed in front of your guests, it’s our Mandate to step up with the best soy product.