Hot Pot

Nearly every Asian country across the Pacific rim enjoys their form of hotpot; an opportunity to gather family and friends around a vessel of savory broth to steep a variety of morsels. The regional variations from China to Korea to Japan to Cambodia to Vietnam and all points in-between are almost as fascinating as the list of ingredients used.

A cherished communal dining experience for over a millennium, hotpot is the embodiment of “Variety is the Spice of Life” long before the phrase was coined. Your guests will take delight in the expanded variety of textures and flavors when you remember to add Sun Xien’s products to your next hotpot ingredient roster:

Soft Tofu
Soft Tofu cut to more manageable cubes will add a delicate variation.
Tofu Pouches
Tofu Pouches snipped in half provides an opportunity to soak up that delicious hotpot broth.
Fried Tofu
Fried Tofu with its firmer core can be sliced thick and offered as a variation to fishcakes.
Mung Bean Sprouts
Bean Sprouts added to the broth surface serves as an organic cover to slow evaporation while adding to the vegetable variety.

Never experienced hot pot? There are over 6 million videos of folks enjoying some variation of it on YouTube.